Start thinking about High School and beyond.

Information is key.  Students will start thinking about their next steps as they rapidly move towards the next stages in their lives.  A CUNY Explorers visit at BC will stress the importance of choosing the right high school that fits them as well as other college topics like college affordability, staying in college, choosing the right school, available resources at CUNY and making college fit around their lives.  

We hope that by the time a student leaves a CUNY Explorers BC visit that they have a better understanding of college life and see that no matter what someone's situation is, that anyone can go to college if they put their mind to it.  

PLEASE NOTE: There is a limit of 3 visits per school.  If a school has more than three then the earliest 3 will be kept and the rest will be deleted.  A roster is also required for signing up a school.  An uploadable excel file can be found here.  

If you have any questions please contact Jesse Yemma at