Start thinking about High School and beyond.

At Brooklyn College, students will learn about what it is like to be a college student through activities and critical thinking exercises that will equip them with knowledge about the college process. Visit Guides will share their college experiences with students and how they overcame their obstacles. These sessions will cover key information to know when it comes to helping students prepare for college, including college terminology, types of schools, and financial and academic aid. We will also answer any questions students and teachers might have in order to make the college process more understandable. Common Core Standards: W.7.2.a

High School Workshop Description: In the Day in the Life of a College Student workshop, students will learn about the typical day for a college student. Visit Guides will draw on their personal experiences to share about campus life, academics, extracurricular activities, and work. They will also talk about financial aid and dispel many college myths that high school students typically have. Currently offered only on Mondays & Fridays only.
Reserve only the number of visits needed for your school's enrollment.

Campus Coordinator Contact Information:
| Jesse Yemma